Helping you plot a course to your financial success isn’t enough. You also need a steady hand on the wheel to handle the changes made necessary by life’s events. Anjin is a Japanese term that means exactly that; a joining of being both a navigator and a pilot. We will work together to get you where you want to go while avoiding the storms and turbulence that might happen
 along the way.


People have very different ideas of what retirement should be. For some, it is the chance to tour the United States in a motor home, while others look forward to spending time in a hammock between a pair of palm trees. In reality, retirement is the expectation of twenty plus years of unemployment. A nest egg for retirement has to be large enough to provide enough income for that time period while taking care of taxes, rising health costs, maintaining your life style and providing a legacy for your children and/or grandchildren. You can plot a chart course for retirement but, you may also need to make subtle course corrections along the way as situations change. Understanding the differences between tax-deferred versus tax free investing and their effects on retirement income is only one of several factors that must be considered for a successful retirement. Will you be ready?

Educational Planning

Which course is right for you and your family? What happens if your child or grandchild decides to forgo college and desires a profession that doesn’t require formal higher education? How can we help those children who dream of becoming welders, plumbers, aviators, mechanics, contractors, masons, or wine makers as an example? Which should you use? The Uniform Gift to Minors Act, a 529 plan, or life insurance as a source of college funding. All of these plans allow savings to be used towards continued education, but which program allows the guardian the most control and yet offers flexibility with regard to both the investments and the outcome? Fortunately, Anjin is capable of understanding the dreams and desires of both the parents and grandparents while anticipating the challenges that will occur along the way to your children’s successful future.


The most brilliantly conceived investment plan is virtually useless if protections aren’t in place to see them through. What would happen to your plan should you die or become too sick to work? Becoming too sick to work has an even a greater impact on owners of small businesses or professional practices. What would happen if you or your spouse were sued? An interruption to your current income stream can have a devastating impact on any and all investment plans you may have. Fortunately, Anjin Financial Solutions has the ability to help put in place some protective measures that will help assure you that the investment plans put forth will come to fruition. Other benefits of using protective measures is that some of them also provide features such as tax free income streams as well as providing an enhanced legacy to your heirs.


Our Mission

Our goal is to help our clients increase their net worth over time. We accomplish that goal by taking a comprehensive view of their entire financial picture; cash flow, taxes, assets, liabilities, protection and future legacies. We also draw upon the expertise of others to help with complex tax issues, wills and trusts, and buy/sell agreements or succession plans for businesses.


About Us

After graduating in 1976 from Texas A & M University with a degree in Marketing, Ed entered the world of international trade and transportation. An accomplished sales representative for booking both air and ocean bound cargo, he was recruited by Rotan Mosle Inc., a premier regional securities brokerage firm. During the next ten years or so, he earned the National Association of Securities Dealers (later to become Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) licenses of: Options Principle, Municipal Bond Principle and Branch Office Manager. He had an opportunity to re-earn the basic securities licenses later in life. In addition, he also added a Life and Health insurance license and the Accredited Asset Management Specialist certification to his credentials. Alas, most of the well-known brokerage firms from that era no longer exist. “We make money the old fashioned way” or “when we speak, people listen” slogans we grew up with are no longer heard. Ed spent the next thirty years or so in retail management. There he learned firsthand just how important customer service is.

After listening to a wide array of customers and co-workers, one thing became clear to him. No matter how much the markets have changed, one thing remained constant: the need for giving investors quality advice and guidance. And no matter how large the crystal ball is, it still won't replace experience and wisdom!

By becoming an Independent Financial Adviser, Ed is committed to always putting his client’s interests first. He doesn’t have an agenda nor does he have to hit any corporate sales goals. He is there for you and only you. When he isn’t studying the markets or doing research on behalf of a client, Ed can be found in the various gardens around his home or volunteering at the Parish. He and his lovely wife Charla have no children, but do enjoy spending time with their numerous nieces and nephews.  

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